Monopoly game for kids. Start your kids on a lifelong journey of Monopoly fun with this fast, exciting and easy to learn game.

Kids buy properties, get Chance cards and earn cash for passing GO. It’s the grown-up game made simple for kids.

Perfect little game to get kids used to the classic Monopoly theme of games. They will learn how to count and manage money. They will also have fun collecting their favorite party cards, moveing the cupcake markers and opening the surprise party box.

On their turn, they roll and move accordingly. If they land on a party card, they have to pay the value of it and place a gift token of their color on that space. When another player lands on an opponents space, they have to pay the party fee for have landing on that space. This goes on and on until there is a player that runs out of money. At that point the money is counted and the player with the most wins the game.

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