Set 2 in 1 Primer & Fixing Spray Fit Me 24h Makeup, Kiss Beauty is the perfect product that ensures a bright complexion, flawless and long-lasting makeup.

Fit Me Make-up Primer has the role of preparing the skin for make-up, creating a smooth and uniform base. With an advanced formula for minimizing pores and reducing fine lines, this primer provides the perfect base for applying foundation or other makeup products. Its light and non-greasy texture allows makeup to adhere better and last longer.

Fit Me Makeup Fixing Spray is your ally for flawless makeup. The spray with a moisturizing and oil control formula, invigorates, hydrates, smoothes the skin and ensures an intense and month-long make-up.

Spray this make-up fixing spray once at the end of the make-up and you will avoid that unsightly shine on the face, spreading make-up products or damaging it. It is very easy to use, offers a pleasant feeling of freshness and has an inviting fragrance.

Quantity: 50ml + 30ml

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