The Rubik’s Cube is a three-dimensional puzzle invented by Hungarian architect Ernő Rubik in 1974. It consists of a cube with six faces, each divided into nine smaller squares of six different colors. The goal of the puzzle is to twist and turn the cube’s faces until each side displays a single solid color.

Despite its simple concept, solving the Rubik’s Cube can be incredibly challenging due to the sheer number of possible combinations—over 43 quintillion, to be precise. Many different methods and algorithms have been developed to solve the Rubik’s Cube efficiently, ranging from beginner-friendly techniques to advanced speed-solving strategies used in competitive cubing.

The Rubik’s Cube has become an iconic symbol of logic, problem-solving, and mathematical exploration. It has sparked widespread fascination and has remained a popular puzzle toy for enthusiasts of all ages around the world. Additionally, the Rubik’s Cube has inspired countless variations and spin-offs, including different sizes, shapes, and even electronic versions with lights and timers.


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One of the largest  Rubik’s cube created 5×5 promises to push your problem solving capacity

The Rubik 5×5 is not the first faint hearted and is the most complex of all the Rubik’s cube

A combination of mathematics, art and science, the iconic Rubik’s cube challenges your mind and problem solving skills