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  •  Disposable toilet seat covers are disposable, perfect for travel, for adults and your families; you can also try using them at home for potty training.
  • Our plastic toilet seat covers are made from PO material; they will not slip or slide, as they are placed in the toilet seat to avoid falling off the toilet seat, perfect for you and your family to use.
  •  The double-layers and recessed design makes it easy to cover the toilet seat. The symmetric design quickly can match various toilet seats, eliminating the trouble of front and rear positioning. 
  •  Travel friendly design, each pack of toilet seat covers is individually packaged for easy storage in carry-on luggage, travel bags, toddler diaper bags or in your vehicle
  • Widely used in airports, stations, hotels, hospitals, amusement parks, shopping centers and other occasions for vacations, road trips, camping and outings.